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Italian language courses in PerugiaStudying abroad and learning ItalianPerugia, capital of Umbria, rises on a hill at 500 m height overlooking the surrounding plain .
It is a very ancient town whose origins date back to the Etruscan time, when it reached a period of great splendour.


Language Schools in UmbriaIt was controlled by the Romans and invaded by the barbarians after the fall of the Roman Empire. It reached its peak during the XIII and XIV centuries. After an obscure period of internal fighting, the city remained under the dominion of the Church until 1860, when it became a member of the Italian State.

Travel and Culture in Umbria
Perugia has preserved a lot from its glorious past: The historical centre is full of Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance buildings. It is nowadays a lively city with a very renowned university. Around the centre we can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of its open-air cafés and restaurants, and a great range of cultural activities take place all through the year.

Italian language courses in Perugia

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