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Italian language courses in Italy
Individual Italian Language Courses in 50 exciting cities throughout Italy
The language courses are recognized as an educational leave

Dear friends of the Italian language and culture !

The language school ARCI PASOLINI offers Italian language courses:
As individual courses "one-to-one" (1 student - 1 teacher) or in the closed group "two-to-one" (2 students - 1 teacher).

In the 50 most exciting cities of Italy, from Lombardia to Sicilia ! With or without accomodation.

All teachers of ARCI PASOLINI are native speakers and have passed an official education in teaching Italian as a foreign language.

Meeting new people, seeing new aspect of the italian landscape and culture.
ARCI PASOLINI is a key to improve your Italian.

It is up to you to choose the dates of your course, to determine your personal timeschedule. It is up to you to choose the subject matters of your lessons and to set your pace. Your individual Italian courses can start in the morning, at noon or in the afternoon.

Please communicate your special interests / hobbies and your occupational situation / advancement to your teacher.

Arrivederci in Italia ! - Overview - 50 cities - our offer -

Your team of ARCI PASOLINI

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