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Italian language courses for foreignerstravel and culture in Umbria The origins of Orvieto are not clearly known, but recent archaeological discoveries have brought to light signs of life from the Bronze and Iron Ages. The Etruscans are considered to be the first who established a permanent settlement, and made it into an important commercial centre within the Etruscan federation.

Italian language schools OrvietoIts political and religious relevance at the time is still being researched. After its destruction by the Roman Army (263 B.C.), Orvieto lost all of its prestige and its inhabitants. During the barbaric invasions -a period of great political and social unstableness- the town, naturally fortified, recovered importance and inhabitants.

Travel and Culture in UmbriaIt becomes a stronghold of the Goths' resistance until 538 when Belisarius conquered it, becoming part of Byzantium. During the Middle Ages the town acquires its particular structure and starts taking shape, with all its towers and palaces set up by the rural nobles that had moved into the town, but also with its churches and places of worship.

Italian language courses in Orvieto

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