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Italian language schools in ItalyEducational Leave in ItalyPalermo is the capital city of Sicily and one of the most prestigious Mediterranean cities. It rises in a beautiful bay on the northern coast of the island.

The history of Palermo goes back to the VIII-VI centuries B.C., when it was named “Ziz” (flower) by the Phoenecians of Carthage. As a result of the many civil struggles which broke out over the course of the centuries, Palermo was finally annexed, together with the whole of Sicily, to the Aragonese crown. During the Second World War, Palermo was heavily bombed and in the years that followed was made into a completely autonomous municipality.

Educational Leave in ItalyThe "antico mito delle vampe" (‘the ancient myth of the flames’) is an interesting tradition celebrated during the festival of S.Giuseppe, the patron saint of the city: all the inhabitants gather old furniture and all kinds of wooden objects which are then burnt together in bonfires in every square around the city, while the children run and jump around singing praises to S. Giuseppe. This practice is related to the cult of the sun: the fire chases away damaging influences, greeting the arrival of the spring (the feast coincides with the spring equinox).

The most interesting monuments are the majestic cathedral with its “treasure”, which holds numerous works of art from the 1800’s; the Palatina Chapel, with its gold objects and mosaics; the Catacombs of the Capuchins and the Regional Archaeological Museum.

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