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The original town of Matera was set on what is now Castelvecchio, the ancient Lombard castle built on the Civita promontory, and was founded during the Roman colonisation. The medieval period was of special importance for the town. Significant remains of rupestrian art can be seen in the splendid rupestrian churches, located throughout the area.


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From the 15th century onwards the population began to expand beyond the town walls into the underlying valleys, originating the new quarters “Sasso Caveoso” and “Sasso Barissano”. Important monastic complexes were erected in the “Civita” and surroundings.


Italian Language VacationItalian Language Schools in BasilicataThe cathedral was built on the higher part of the Civita, as the focal point of the old and new areas of the town. In the early I7th century Matera became the capital of the region and underwent further urban growth, always on the plain, with the construction of several baroque buildings.

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