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Italian language schools BolzanoBolzano has prehistoric origins, but it enters history with the Roman colonization in 15 BC, when the Roman legions led by Druso founded the first urban settlement, known as Pons Drusi .
About 900 years ago the city grew to an important trading centre on the border between Germany and Italy, serving as a bridge between this two cultures.

Learn Italian in South Tyrol The merchants of the time built narrow, tall and deep houses, designed to be used both as dwelling and as store for their goods. All the different styles since the Middle Age can be observed and enjoyed here, from the Romanesque and Gothic, through Renaissance, baroque and rococo, to the XIX century and the “Jugendstil”.

cities in Trentino-High AdigeThe wealth produced in the city favoured the patronage of the arts, bringing many artists into the city. New city areas were developed in the 1930s, during the Fascism. The Monument of the Victory, decorated with sculptures by the best artists of the 1930´s, is the symbol of this “rationalism” and the attempt at “italianization” of the population of German language.

Italian language courses in Bolzano

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