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Italian Language Schools in TermoliItalian courses in MoliseTourist town and a bathing resort, Termoli stands on a promontory on the coast of Molise. The territory around was already inhabited in the sixth century BC. This is documented by the finding of necropolises which show both a high degree of civilisation and the connections between this people and the Daunii and Piceni.


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n Longobard time Termoli began to play a leading role in the surrounding area, to the extent that it became bishop's see in year 1,000. The town grew rapidly during that period until it became county, developing an intense religious life: One could count more than twenty churches and monasteries at that time.

The cathedral, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, was built right in the heart of the old town towards the end of the twelfth century. It stands on the site of a previous church and is one of the most important buildings in Molise. In particular its facade and mosaic floors are of special beauty.

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